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All Vegan Products Made In Japan | Available Only In Singapore | Islandwide Delivery

Vegan Rice Seasoning Combo

$46.10 $56.50

Don't know what to cook for lunch & dinner? This is our solution for you, Just cook with rice and it is easy to prepare.

Even if it gets cold, a delicious mixed rice base is made. You can use it easily because it is simply mixed with cooked brown rice. There is no doubt that it will be replaced with a delicious taste.

how to eat :
(1) Cut 2 cups of rice (300g) and use 1/3 cup (60cc) less than normal water.
(2) This product contains ingredients and seasoning liquid together, so please put it in (1) as it is after opening it.
(3) Cook normally, and when it is cooked, stir lightly.

Value Set contains :

Japanese Claypot Rice Seasoning (Chicken Kamameshi Style) 170g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Rice Seasoning (Gomoku Rice, Vegetables) 150g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Rice Seasoning (Mushroom Rice) 140g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Rice Seasoning (Burdock Rice) 120g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Scattered Sushi Rice Mix / Chirashi Sushi 150g | Easy-to-cook 1 box