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All Vegan Products Made In Japan | Available Only In Singapore | Free Delivery Above $50

Vegan Rice Seasoning Combo

$46.10 $56.50

Don't know what to cook for lunch & dinner? This is our solution for you, Just cook with rice and it is easy to prepare.

Even if it gets cold, a delicious mixed rice base is made. You can use it easily because it is simply mixed with cooked brown rice. There is no doubt that it will be replaced with a delicious taste.

how to eat :
(1) Cut 2 cups of rice (300g) and use 1/3 cup (60cc) less than normal water.
(2) This product contains ingredients and seasoning liquid together, so please put it in (1) as it is after opening it.
③ Cook normally, and when it is cooked, stir lightly.

Value Set contains :

Japanese Claypot Rice Seasoning (Chicken Kamameshi Style) 170g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Rice Seasoning (Gomoku Rice, Vegetables) 150g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Rice Seasoning (Mushroom Rice) 140g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Rice Seasoning (Burdock Rice) 120g | Easy-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Scattered Sushi Rice Mix / Chirashi Sushi 150g | Easy-to-cook 1 box