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All Vegan Products Made In Japan | Available Only In Singapore | Islandwide Delivery

Vegan J-style Side Dish Combo

$33.20 $48.50

Easy to prepare macrobiotic food, just need to warm it and ready to eat.

■ No sugar, animal ingredients, or chemical seasonings
■ As it is or warm

[Cooking method / How to use]
Put it in boiling water as it is in the bag and warm it for about 5 minutes.
In the case of a microwave oven, transfer the contents to a heat-resistant container, wrap it, and warm it at 500W for 2 minutes and 600W for 1 and a half minutes

Value Set contains :

Japanese Whole Wheat Gluten Bread / Car Fu (Japanese Sukiyaki Style) 140g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Japanese Stewed Vegetables / Nimono 140g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Japanese Dried Strips of Radish / Kiriboshi Daikon 100g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Japanese Gomoku Beans 100g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Deep Fried Tofu with Plant-based Minced Meat Thick Sauce / Atsuage Soboro Ankake 150g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack