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All Vegan Products Made In Japan | Available Only In Singapore | Islandwide Delivery

Prosperity Vegan Curry Combo

$41.70 $56.70

Craving for some Japanese curry and no time to prepare all the ingredients? We have prepared this Rich Exotic Spice Curry Sensation set and is very easy to prepare.

- Made from Japanese vegetables
- Consists 5 rich exotic spice curries
- No sugar, chemical seasoning added

The macrobiotic curry dishes are using authentic spices, no sugar, animal ingredients, and chemical seasonings. It is 1 serving per pack, make the cooking convenient.

Japanese Vegetable Curry (Mild) 210g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Japanese Vegetable Curry (Medium Spicy) 210g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Vegan Keema Curry (Medium Spicy) 170g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Japanese Vegetable Hayashi-style Sauce with Soybean Meat 150g | Ready-to-eat 1 pack
Vegan Butter Chicken Style Vegetable Curry (Medium Spicy) 170g, Ready-to-eat 1 pack