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[BUY 1 FREE 1/BUY 2 FREE 4] [Exp date: 7 June 2022] Organic Germinated Brown Rice (Gomoku, Vegetables) 160g | Ready-to-eat

$6.90 $7.90

Ready to eat Organically Active Germinated Brown Rice with Japanese Vegetables

The organic germinated brown rice os definitely a healthier choice as it has more fiber and contains 10 times the amount of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which is known to improve kidney function.

It is carefully cooked in a pressure cooker with domestic vegetables burdock, carrot, dried daikon, shiitake mushrooms and seasoned with madder soy sauce.

It is characterized by the original sweetness of grains and the chewy texture, without preservatives or acidulants added.

How to use
With boiling water
Put the container in boiling water with the surface facing down and heat it on medium heat for about 15 minutes.


With microwave oven
Peel a little bit of the lid or make five holes on the surface and heat the container with 500w for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Preservation Method & Cautions
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

Organic germinated brown rice (Akita), burdock / carrot (domestic), soy sauce (salty soy sauce), dried daikon radish / dried shiitake mushroom (domestic)

219kcal / 160g

Soybeans, wheat