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Japanese Plant-based Soybean Meat (Minced Type) 100g | Dry, Non-GMO, Easy-to-cook

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100% made from Japanese soybeans

This soybean meat is obtained by squeezing out the oil of soybeans and formed as a ground meat type. With a chewy texture, you can use it as a substitute for meat dishes such as hamburgers, menchi-katsu (ground meat cutlet), ankake(sauce), or stir-fried dishes that suit your taste.

How to use :
1. [Reconstitute] Soak the soybean meat in hot water for about 5 minutes.
2. [Draining] After it swells 2-3 times, put it in a colander to drain and squeeze out the water lightly.
3. [Seasoning/Cooking] Add seasoning at your preference and use it for fried foods, simmered foods, stir-fried foods, etc.
Note: After reconstitution with hot water, you can enjoy it without heating.

Preservation Method & Cautions :
- Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it at room temperature.
- Seal it after opening to prevent moisture and insect damage and use it as soon as possible.

Black spots may be mixed in the raw materials. It is generated during heating and there is no problem with quality.

Soybean (Japan)

Allergen :

Nutritional Info Per 100g protein: 46.8g, fat: 9.0g, carbohydrates: 31.7g, sodium: 5.0mg

395 Kcal/100g

Weight :