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Japanese Concentrated Kelp Soup Stock 60g | Ready-to-eat

$12.90 $17.90

100% Hidaka Kelp Soup Stock with No Chemical Seasonings

This kelp soup stock has a rich and delicious kelp extract that made by slowly boiling high-quality Hidaka kelp.

It is 100% genuine kelp soup stock without using any animal ingredients or chemical seasonings.

It is easy to cook by simply dissolve 1 bag (5g) with about 500ml of hot water and use it as kelp soup stock. You can also use it to cook miso soup, stir fry, simmered dishes, hot pot dishes, and mentsuyu.

How to use
Dissolve 1 packet in about 500ml of hot water and use it as a kelp soup stock.

Add 1 packet for simmered dishes and stir-fried dishes as a guide to add flavor for 3-4 people.

Preservation Method & Cautions
Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it at room temperature.

Enjoy on the same day after opening.

Kelp (from Hokkaido), salt, rice candy, yeast extract

Nutritional Information Per packet (5g)
Protein 0.085g
Fat 0.005g
Carbohydrate 0.735g
Salt equivalent 0.55g

3kcal / 5g (per packet)

60g (5g x 12 packets)