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[BUY 1 FREE 1] Good for Vegans Tofu Hamburg Steak Seasoning with Soybean Meat 4 servings | Gluten-free, Easy-to-cook

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Easy to cook Japanese Vegan tofu hamburg steak base, just add tofu and bake it

- No need to rehydrate the hijiki seaweed or drain the tofu
- No chemical seasoning added
- Gluten-free and fits into your healthy vegan diet easily

This base contains hijiki seaweed, soybean meat and quinoa thus you can make a firm yet chewy plant-based meat hamburg steak. It has retained the soft texture and slight taste of hijiki seaweed.

Preservation Method:
Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it at room temperature.

Enjoy on the same day after opening.

Benefits : 

Ingredients to be prepared:

1 block of silken tofu (300-400g)
1 tbsp olive oil


1. [Mix] Put tofu, ingredients and powdered seasoning in a bowl and mix them until it's well blended.
※ No draining of tofu

2. [Shape] Divide them into four equal parts and shape them.

3. [Bake] Sprinkle olive oil in a heated frying pan, place 2 in a row, cover and bake on medium heat until both sides are browned.
* Sprinkle with ponzu sauce or soy sauce if you like.

Soybean protein, Joshinko (Japanese rice flour), Hijiki seaweed, quinoa [Powder seasoning] Okara powder, salt, kelp powder, vegetable extract powder, processed brown sugar, yeast extract, onion extract powder, Garlic powder, pepper, Laurel, Cardamon

Allergen :



Nutrition Info:

Per Serving:
Protein 11.3g
Fat 1.2g
Total Carbohydrates 18.3g
 — Sugars 11.0g
 — Dietary Fiber 7.3g
Sodium chloride equivalent 2.5g



Calories :