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Vegan Kids Food Combo

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A combo meal for your lil' one - curry and stew.

■ Uses Locally grown vegetables
■ No sugar or animal ingredients
■ For breakfast or side dishes for lunch
■ As it is or warm
■ 2 meals

[Cooking method / How to use] : Put the bag in boiling water and warm it for about 3 minutes. In the case of a microwave oven, transfer the contents to a heat-resistant container, wrap it, and heat it at 500W for about 1 minute and at 600W for about 40 seconds. You can enjoy it as it is without warming it.

Value Set Contains : 

Corn Cream Stew for Kids 100gx2 | Ready-to-eat 1 box
Japanese Vegetable Curry for Kids 100gx2 | Ready-to-eat 1 box
Instant Pasta Sauce for Kids (Soybean Minced Meat with Japanese Vegetable) 140g | Ready-to-eat 1 box