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Vegan Dashi Combo

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It is a pure vegetable soup stock made from carefully selected domestic vegetables, without using sugar, animal ingredients, or chemical seasonings, and using only natural ingredients.

Since it is a granule type, it dissolves quickly in hot water and is easy to use, and it is also convenient for storage as it is divided into 5g (for 2 to 3 people).
You can easily make various Chinese-style dishes such as Chinese soup, stir-fried vegetables, and fried rice at home, so there is no doubt that the range of dishes will expand!

Value Set Contains : 

Japanese Style Soup Stock, Dashi (Chinese Cuisine) 8 servings 1 box
Western Style Soup Stock, Dashi (Vegetables) 8 servings 1 box
Japanese Style Soup Stock, Dashi (Japanese Kelp, Mushroom, Radish) 8 servings 1 box
Japanese Concentrated Kelp Soup Stock 60g | Ready-to-eat 1 box