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Chewy Udon Made from Japanese Flour 250g | Easy-to-cook

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Japanese traditional udon that made from Japanese wheat flour and the traditional sea salt "Umino-sei"

- About 6 mins boiling time
- Enjoy the original taste of wheat
- Rich complex carbohydrates that are much more nutritious and high in fiber

The Udon noodles contains premium salt "Umino-sei" that is made with a traditional process called "eden" (salt farming). It is made from domestic wheat flour that comes with a delicious original taste of wheat and very easy to cook.

Preservation Method:
Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it at room temperature.
Enjoy on the same day after opening.

Benefits : 

Steps :

1. Put udon in boiling water (about 1.2L per 100g noodles) and stir gently.

2. Adjust the heat so that the water does not spill over, and boil it for 6 to 7 minutes until just tender.

3. Quickly soak in cold water to removes some of the surface starch, preventing them from sticking together.

4. Drain the water well, put it in a bowl, and consume it as soon as possible.

5. For hot noodles, warm the noodles in hot water again and enjoy.  


Ingredients :

Wheat flour (domestic), salt

Allergen :


Nutrition Info:



Calories :

341kcal / 100g