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Good For Vegans Non-dried Soy Meat (Minced Type) 200g | Cholesterol-free, Easy-to-cook

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Easy to cook soybean minced meat without rehydration needed


- No need to rehydrate
- Less soybean-specific bitterness
- No chemical seasoning

It can be used immediately after draining it. It is ideally for various dishes such as hamburger steak, pasta sauce, curry, Japanese-style soboro and salad dishes.

Preservation Method:
Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it at room temperature.

Enjoy on the same day after opening.

Benefits : 

Open it in a colander and squeeze out the water with your hands. Then use it for cooking.

Soy protein, brewed vinegar

Allergen :


Nutrition Info:

per 105g
Protein: 15.6g
Fat: 0.5g
carbohydrate: 3.9g
- dietary fibre 3.8g
Salt equivalent: 0.02g


Calories :

75kcal /105g