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All Vegan Products Made In Japan | Available Only In Singapore | Islandwide Delivery

Japanese Stewed Vegetables / Nimono 100g| Ready-to-eat

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Tasty Chinese Bowl Ingredients made from 7 kinds of vegetables and soybean meat

This chinese bowl dish has 7 types of vegetables cultivated in Japan, including onions, carrots, bamboo shoots, king oyster mushroom, etc. It also contains Japanese soybean meat (belly type). It is recommended not only to eat with rice but also to go well with ankake-yaki soba (fried noodles with bean paste filling) and sara-udon (fried noodles with soup broth).

We've made the cooking for you, just enjoy by warming it up. It is an ideal healthy and tasty vegan side dish for your next vegan meal.

How to use :
With boiling water:
Put the package in boiling water and heat it for 5 minutes, then open the seal and transfer it to a plate.


With microwave oven:
Transfer the contents to a heat-resistant container and heat it with 500W for 2 minutes, or 600W for 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Enjoy it as it is without warming it.

Preservation Method & Cautions :
Avoid high temperature and humidity, and keep it at room temperature.

Take note that hot ingredients and sauces may splash when removing the plastic wrap.

Enjoy on the same day after opening.

Specially cultivated carrot (Japan), burdock root, lotus root, bamboo shoot (Japan), fried tofu, soy sauce, fermented seasoning, maple sugar, kelp powder, brown rice fermented seasoning, salt (sea spirit)

Allergen :
Soybeans, wheat


Weight :
100g (1 serving)