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Wheat-free Rice Flour Cookies Product Review

Wheat-free Rice Flour Cookies Product Review

Texture and taste

These rice-flour cookies are perfect for an afternoon snack and would go well with hot tea. Unlike most commercial cookies, these cookies have a very natural flavour. The texture is more on the starchy side but not too dry. I also like that the size of each cookie which is just right — not too large and you can finish it in two bites!


Different flavours

The cookies come in four different flavours. The pumpkin flavour is great for those who prefer lighter flavours, while the maple and berry flavour is perfect for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth. Besides tea, I think these flavours will also go well with a cup of cold, refreshing juice in Singapore's hot weather. 



The carob & cocoa cookies have a deeper, warmer flavour, which pairs well with a cup of coffee!



Who would love these

Anyone who enjoys a light snack in the late afternoon or just some bites will love these cookies. Personally, I think that those who tend to prefer stronger flavours will want to opt for something else. These cookies are also great for those who are health conscious but still like to munch on something in the day.

Personally, I would have these cookies with a drink as they can make your mouth feel a little dry after a few bites. Out of the four flavours, my favourite is the Carob and Cocoa ones.



I’d rate these cookies 4/5, given that its completely vegan and has a light flavour, which I enjoy. It would be better if the cookies were a little thinner or a little less starchy in mouthfeel so that it doesn’t taste so dry. Other than that, these cookies are very enjoyable.