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The Japanese Instant Brown Rice Ramen Product Review

The Japanese Instant Brown Rice Ramen Product Review

While it’s common knowledge that instant noodles are bad for our health, sometimes we’re left with no choice due to time or financial constraints. However, our Japanese Instant Brown Rice Ramen Miso flavour is just as easy to prepare, cost-friendly, and are made of a nutritious mix of vegetables, brown rice flour and wheat. That being said, it’s non-GMO and of course, vegan-friendly!


miso brown rice instant ramen


The accompanying miso soup is also equally healthy. Brewed from locally produced soybeans, it is without any added chemicals, sugar or animal material. The result? A mouthwatering, rich, sesame flavoured base that is guaranteed to satiate and nourish!



Cooking it was very straightforward. All I had to do was add the two components into 500ml of boiling water. 



Almost immediately, the pallet of noodles separated into loose waves, but did not break apart easily into tiny bits like how their cheaper counterparts would. 



This was definitely worlds apart from typical instant ramen -- their superior quality was made apparent from the very first bite where I was pleasantly surprised by their springy and firm texture that were not in the least bit starchy. Separately, the noodles had a savoury aroma of their own, which was gratifying. The soup was smooth, sour, tangy and had just the right amount of slight saltiness which wonderfully complemented the noodles. I would think that adding in some vegetables, mushrooms or eggs would make for a convenient, yet hearty and satisfying meal!



That’s not all. If you thought that I’ve covered all the highlights and nutritional advantages of this product, there is no frying involved either, which probably explains why its calorie content is lower than others on the market. 

I genuinely recommend switching to Japan Vegan Town's Japanese Instant Brown Rice Ramen if you happen to consume instant noodles often. Our diet is the biggest investment when it comes to good health, and in the long run, this would reap a much more favourable outcome.