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The Chinese Style Mixed Vegetables Product Review

The Chinese Style Mixed Vegetables Product Review

As much as we would like to fulfil the recommended health criteria of eating two servings of vegetables a day, sometimes it is tricky to do so due to busy schedules. Furthermore, preparing various types of vegetables takes up a significant amount of time which some of us do not have the luxury of spending. 

Good news! Japan Town has the perfect solution to your predicament. Our Chinese Style Mixed Vegetables consists of seven different kinds of greens, along with mock meat made from soybeans for a rich source of protein while being vegan-friendly. Everything-- the onions, carrots, bamboo shoots, king oyster mushrooms and more, are all organically cultivated in Japan to bring you premium nourishment in a jiffy!

Speaking of which, the best part, on top of being delicious and nutritious, is that this makes for an extremely convenient meal.

There are three ways to consume this product: You could either place the package in boiling water for five minutes before transferring the contents onto a plate, transfer the food into a microwave-safe container and heat it at 500w for two minutes, or just enjoy it as it is.

I opted for the second method, spreading the fragrant medley of ingredients and sauce over rice. Especially for something that could be whipped up so fast, my taste buds were in awe of its lusciousness, picking up umami notes of soy sauce fused with familiar, punchy hints of pepper, ginger and garlic. The assortment of textures were a welcome element; crunchy cabbage and carrots, tender mushrooms and al-dente bamboo shoots made for a delightful dining experience that enlivened the senses. 


I felt that another plus point was its versatility. This is guaranteed to be a great addition to any kind of plain noodle as well, or spaghetti for a fusion-esque spin.