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Instant Wakame Seaweed Soup Product Review

Instant Wakame Seaweed Soup Product Review

From being a rich source of vitamins and minerals to brimming with antioxidants that fight against cancer and other diseases, seaweed has earned a place among the pantheon of superfoods. That’s why Japan Town is proud to present our Instant Wakame Seaweed Soup which is not only delicious and nutritious, but also extremely easy to prepare. Start and end your day right!


Instant Wakame Seaweed Soup


Our products are non-GMO, organic, vegan-friendly and are made from locally sourced ingredients. Japan Vegan Town believes in bringing only the best quality food items to you so that you can enjoy your meals with minimal hassle, with the added knowledge that consuming our products does your body well.


 Instant Wakame Seaweed Soup


One box includes 7 servings, each one containing a generous combination of Japanese wakame seaweed and white sesame seeds. Together, they are a power-packed blend of scrumptiousness sure to boost your vitality and health.



Simply add 200ml of hot water to the contents, and voila! You now have a steaming, piquant and nourishing bowl of wakame seaweed soup to tantalise your taste buds and enhance your home dining experience. Additionally, if you struggle to incorporate sufficient fibre into your diet, this would be a tremendous help in fulfilling that lack.




It was a pleasure savouring the soup’s rich, briny flavour while chewing on the tender slices of seaweed. The sesame seeds were a splendid element as they added dimension to the overall texture of the soup, and their sweet, nutty aroma was a welcome complement to the slightly salty nature of the seaweed. The two were a perfect match as they balanced out each other in terms of taste.


Before long, I had gulped down the entire bowl! While I was satisfied for now, I felt glad that there were 6 more packets should cravings begin. This would be fantastic for those who might be health-conscious, but who are also rushing.