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Soybean Meat Curry Satay Recipe

Soybean Meat Curry Satay Recipe

Servings size: 2 pax

Cuisine Tags: Vegan, soybean meat, curry


  • 10 pcs of soybean meat

  • An appropriate amount of rice flour

  • An appropriate amount of rapeseed oil

  • 30g of curry powder


  • 30g of soy sauce 
  • 30g of coconut milk


    1. Boil plenty of hot water in a deep pot and add fried soybeans. Boil on low heat for 5 to 10 minutes, discard the hot water, and gently scrub with water. Finally, squeeze tightly.
    2. Put step 1 and <A> in a bag and rub well and soak the seasoning for at least 15 minutes.
    3. Put an appropriate amount of rapeseed oil in a pan, sprinkle with rice flour, and fry the soybeans.
    4. If you stick it on a skewer and serve it, it will look like satay.


    Recipe By: Cooking School Lima Master Course graduate Issei Hosoya


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