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Daikon Bettarazuke (Japanese Pickled Radish) Recipe

Daikon Bettarazuke (Japanese Pickled Radish) Recipe

Cuisine Tags: Vegan, vegan snack


  •  100g daikon radish

  • ½ tbsp of Japanese-style soup stock (powder)
  •  1 tbsp of Amazake (concentrated type) / 1 tbsp of sake & 2 tbsp of vinegar
  •  1 tbsp of salt koji  / salt



      1. Put the radish in a resealable plastic bag and add some salt into the plastic bag and rub well.
      2. Squeeze the excess moisture out of the radish.
      3. Pour all the ingredients of <A> into the plastic bag and mix well.
      4. Remove the air from the bag and close it.
      Pro Tips:
        • It tastes better if you leave it for 30 minutes to half a day;
        • The pickles are delicious with just vegetables and salt. And yet, if you add a little bit of the dashi product, it will taste better and be easier to eat. 
        • In a recipe that calls for one teaspoons of Salt Koji, you can substitute with one teaspoon of saltYou can also substitute one teaspoons of Amazake with one teaspoon of sake and two teaspoons of vinegar.

        Recipe By: Cooking School Lima Certified Instructor Chieka Atsuta


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