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Chinese Style Vegetable Pot Rice Recipe 🀀 π•πžπ πšπ§ π‘πžπœπ’π©πžπŸ€€

Chinese Style Vegetable Pot Rice Recipe 🀀 π•πžπ πšπ§ π‘πžπœπ’π©πžπŸ€€

Cuisines Tags: Vegan,Β soybean meat


1.5 cups rice, 390ml waterΒ 

<A> 6 pcs soybean meat, 3 tbsp vegetable bouillon, 300ml water, Moderate amount of arrowroot powder

<B> 10g ginger, 70g bamboo shoot (boiled), 50g shiitake mushroom, 1 tbsp pepper, 25 pcs wolfberries / goji berries, 1 tbsp white sesame, 2 tbsp vegetable bouillon, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1.5g salt


  1. Quickly grind rice and drain the water, put it in a clay pot with a small amount of water, and let it soak for 30 minutes.Β 
  2. Put the soybean meat in a saucepan with <A> broth and water, boil over medium heat and cool. Cut into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle with arrowroot starch.Β 
  3. Cut ginger into strips and cut bamboo mushrooms into thin strips.Β 
  4. Put ingredients <B> and 2 into the pot and cover. When it boils, lower the flame and cook for 20 minutes. (If there is one, use a wood plug stopper.)
  5. Turn off the heat and steam for 10 minutes.

Pro Tips:

  • You can also make them with a thick pot or a rice cooker. Please try making according to the recommendations of the pot.
  • It is OK even if you prepared soybean meat in bulk. It can be fried or mixed with stir-fried dishes.
  • There are various ways to cook soybean meat. Besides arrowroot powder, the batter can be made with potato starch, flour, rice flour, etc.

Recipe By: Certified Cooking School Lima Instructor, Chieka Atsuta

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