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What is Vegan Shrimp? -With product recommendation

What is Vegan Shrimp? -With product recommendation

Should vegans ditch shrimp? Are there any vegan substitutes for shrimp? The answer is no and yes. Vegans don't necessarily have to ditch seafood anymore since we have got some great substitutes. 

In recent years, the vegan movement has gained rapid momentum. It has garnered worldwide popularity based on its health values and environmental benefits.


What is Vegan Shrimp?

Vegan Shrimp is the latest addition to plant-based seafood dishes. It was introduced by a start-up called New Wave, based in California. The company defined the vegan shrimps in the following words, "A shrimp without slavery, bycatch, shellfish allergens, antibiotics, and ecosystem devastation."

Vegan shrimp or vegan prawns are a healthier and sustainable shrimp alternative that not only benefiting to the vegans but also to the people with seafood or shellfish allergy, and the planet.

For health concerns, it has no cholesterol, which at a high level may harm the heart health; it does not contain any pollution in the sea, it’s shocking to know that wild- or farmed-caught shrimp has the risk of pollution. From the environmental perspective, it’s more sustainable as it eases the environmental threats of overfishing; it also protects the welfare of marine life.


What is Vegan Shrimp Made Of?

Since the introduction of vegan shrimps, different companies have tried and tested new recipes with different ingredients. The most common ingredients are algae and konjac powder

As more and more companies join the wave of plant-based shrimp, new ingredients are being used, like chickpea and, the most latest cell-based shrimp. Some homemade vegan shrimp recipes used tofu or king oyster to act as the "shrimp".


New Vegan Shrimps in town:

If you are in mood of great flavor and are eagerly waiting to try vegan shrimps, here are our top picks of vegan shrimps that offer great nutritional benefits and are worth a plunge:


  •   Cholesterol-free Shrimps:

Sophie's Kitchen is an online company that is offering plant-based shrimps free of cholesterol. The main ingredients of these vegan shrimps involve rice flakes, konjac powder, pea starch, and potato starch. These shrimps offer great nutrition value since they contain little fat and are entirely cholesterol-free. For allergic people, they are also free of soy. Thus, all the vegans and allergic people can enjoy these vegan shrimps in their next meal.

  •   Cell-based Shrimps:

A cell-based company in Singapore called Shiok meats aims to produce healthy meat and animal products using innovative agriculture technology. These innovations will positively influence the way seafood is eaten in Singapore and other parts of the world alike. It has undertaken the project of launching the first shrimp cultivated products. It has planned to introduce its minced shrimps in 2022. These shrimps will be Plant-based and a great addition to the diets of vegans. You can devour our tacos and curries with these minced shrimps. Fingers crossed, more great innovations are coming our way!

  •     Low-calories Vegan Shrimps:
All Vegetarian is another online brand that is selling its Vegan imitated shrimps all across the world. The product's primary ingredients include glucomannan or konjac powder, Modified Starch, Sunflower Oil, and Pea extract.
The best nutritional aspect of these shrimps is they are gluten-free and also soy-free. They also offer low calories that include only 51g per serving. You can devour these shrimps with sandwiches and salads. 

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