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Ramadan Vegan Meal

Vegan Ramadan Recipes From Singapore and Malaysia

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world fast from dusk till dawn. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it teaches them compassion, empathy, self-discipline, and more. In this period, Muslims have a meal before sunrise, called suhoor, and a meal after sunset called iftar. 

After a day of fasting, everyone searches for some mouthwatering recipes to enjoy the iftar parties. So, in this article, you would find a fantastic array of unique vegan Ramadan recipes, including vegan iftar recipes, from Malaysia and Singapore.

Vegan Bubur Lambuk Recipe

Vegan bubur lambuk is a traditional dish during Ramadan, it is light-spiced yet savory rice porridge, cooked with coconut milk. Since it is porridge, not too heavy for an empty stomach, which made it the best choice to break one’s fast, with this Vegan Bubur Lambuk Recipe, you can customize your choice of vegetable and enjoy an iftar meal with your whole family.

Vegan Bubur Lambuk
photo credit to SMR

Vegan Roti Jala (Egg-free Version)

Roti Jala is a very popular traditional dish of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Well, Roti Jala means “net bread” in Malay. The net of a Malaysian fisherman inspires the design of this roti.

Roti Jala is also known as roti renjis and always contain egg. Yet, we found one egg-free roti jala recipe replacing egg with aquafaba or chickpea from Singapore. Usually, it is suitable for teatime, but it could also be a snack after iftar. 

Vegan Roti Jala
photo credit to morethanveggie.sg

Vegan Crisp and Fluffy Falafels recipe

The felafel is an ideal option as a snack and keeps you full for a longer time as well. Falafels are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is usually made with chickpea and is high in protein thus has gained much popularity among vegans. 

Check this complete recipe, click here

Vegan Falafels
photo credit to Commute Kitchen

Vegetable Curry (Vegan Compatible)

It is one of the best options for your iftar party. You can serve it with rice, bread or noodle..

The vegetable curry is good for your health, and the vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So vegetables can provide you plenty of several essential nutrients.

Check out this vegan compatible recipe here:

Vegetable Curry
Photo Credit to Karin Yap


Ramadan is an extraordinary period for every Muslim. After a whole day of fasting, a mouth washing meal is everything we needed. Hope you guys enjoy these vegan recipes.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned recipes are credited to the source, if you see your recipe and would like it to be removed, please just contact us at hello@japanvegantown.com.

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