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Common Myth About Vegan Diet - and Fact You Need To Know

Are most vegan diets rely heavily on supplements cause some critical vitamins are missing in plant-based food? Is milk the single best source of calcium? Are vegans missing out on the benefit of vitamin B12? Let's check out some myths and facts about being a vegan.

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Myth: Most Vegan Have Calcium Deficiency, Which Leads To Weak Bones

Since vegans avoid dairy milk at all costs, do they really missed out on calcium? It leads to another question: Is dairy milk the only way to get calcium? No, it's not. Besides animal-based milk, calcium can also be obtained from many plant sources like leafy green vegetables, beans, tofu, dried apricot, sesame seeds, etc. Along with calcium, vitamin D is equally important to strengthen the bones. A lot of dairy-free products have fortified with key vitamins, say Go Veggie vegan cheese, it is fortified with calcium and vitamin D. 

Myth: Vegans Have Deficient In Vitamin Vitamin B12

While vegan faces a higher risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, and we commonly believe that the single best source of vitamin B12 is animal-based food, but it does not mean a non-vegan diet can avoid vitamin B12 deficiency easily. In one of our articles, we talked about the reasons for vitamin B12 deficiency and how it could happen in a meat-based diet as well. 

Besides animal-derived food, some best plant-based or vegan sources of vitamin B12 including algae, seaweed (especially nori), fortified plant-based milk (check the nutritional label before you purchase).

Myth: Vegan Food Is Expensive And Only For The Rich

Well, it depends. Some prices have been compared in Singapore and a lifestyle experience has been shared, even some plant-based meat is slightly more expensive than regular meat, but overall it saved your bank account. In the end, you may thank yourself for being a vegan.

Myth: Honey Is Not Animal-based, Thus It Is Vegan 

Surprisingly, honey is not vegan. Honey is actually a food source of honey bees, exploiting honey from them has violated the definition of veganism. We couldn't assure the sustainability of the honey-making process without killing or harming the bee species. Similar discussions can be found in The Vegan Society, PETA, and The Vegan Review


Final Words:

Vegans are believed to be the most creative chef in the world, we can see it in the innovation of plant-based meat and the fortified vegan food product. They are also a bunch of health-conscious and environmentally friendlier consumers, they wish to save the planet from their daily routine. 

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