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The Best Christmas Presents for the Vegan in Your Life (that can be found in Singapore)

The Best Christmas Presents for the Vegan in Your Life (that can be found in Singapore)

Finding a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones can be a struggle. And if your giftee is a vegan, it gets even more complicated. Aside from having to avoid the obvious things like animal ingredients, you might need to search for cruelty-free and eco-friendly options that your person will love. 

Fortunately, many brands are growing their vegan-friendly items and ditching animal-derived ingredients. We understand the struggles of trying to find vegan-friendly gifts that are both unique and thoughtful. To avoid the headache of searching for the perfect vegan Christmas gifts, we’ve put together a list of vegan Christmas present ideas that you can consider for your next surprise. Below are the best vegan gifts, including vegan food, vegan treats, and vegan skincare products that the dedicated herbivore in your life will undoubtedly love.

Major shipping might be delayed during this holiday, so make sure your presents get there in time by shopping now!

Gift Idea #1: Vegan chocolate

Does your giftee have a sweet tooth? If yes, it’s time to use it to your advantage. There are many plant-based chocolate brands that produce delicious, creamy vegan chocolate, such as Happy Cioccolato, Hello Chocolate, Hu and HiP. All their products are proudly vegan. The luxury vegan chocolate from Love Cocoa, Booja-Booja, and Hotel Chocolat are sure to go down well, and they come in beautiful packaging. They have many vegan options available. Choose from a variety of flavors that will be sure to please anyone's taste buds.

Gift Idea #2:  Vegan Champagne or Wine

Champagne and Wine are a great Christmas gift for someone you do not know very well. But sadly, most Wines and Champagnes contain hidden nasties like milk, gelatine, egg or even fish as they might be processed using animal-derived fining agents to clarify the product. Luckily, there are many options on Oak and Barrel that are 100% vegan, so you can be sure that you have a safe bet with this gift.


Gift Idea #3: Vegan Food

You might not have considered ready-made or easy-to-cook vegan food as one of the many great options for your holiday gift list this year. But perhaps you should. For the vegan foodie in your life, indulge them with a box of vegan food. Japanese Vegan Town has a rich variety of vegan items that are made with completely vegan ingredients, and are non-GMO, with no MSG or refined sugar. All the products are healthy, macrobiotic, and a great source of the various vitamins and nutrients needed to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. There are also various delicious options to send your loved one that will make life easier and tastier during the busy holiday season. Whoever you’re buying this for is lucky to have you in their life!


Gift Idea #4: Vegan Skincare 

Is your gift for a skin care fanatic or beauty obsessive? Lush and The body Shop products might be a bit of an obvious choice for a vegan, but for good reason. Both of the brands have standed up and promoted vegetarian and cruelty-free products for many years. More than 60% of their current product range is vegan and they aim to make all of the products vegan in due time. They also have several vegan gift sets that are suitable for any gender, including body butters, skincare and cosmetics.

Photo credits to The Body Shop

Besides, there are many other brands that provide skin care products made with natural and cruelty free ingredients, such as Trilogy, Sukin Antipodes and more. All their products are suitable for vegetarians, however, some of their products contain animal derivatives such as honey, beeswax and carmine. If you’d like to know about more local vegan skincare brands your loved ones would enjoy, we’d highly recommend you take a look at Oasis:skin, Two Halves and Handmade Heroes. They are vegan skincare companies that aim to simplify your skincare routine, making it more effective and enjoyable in the process. Their products are not only vegan, but they are kind to your skin and the environment.

Gift Idea #5: Essential Oils

Is there any better gift than something that you can actually use? Aromatherapy has gained immense popularity and demand in recent years due to its ability to promote relaxation, alter mood and help relieve stress. In general, most quality essential oils are vegan as they are made from 100% plant products. Most of them are also free from animal tests. If you are searching for a good essential oils brand, we’d highly recommend you take a look at Neal's Yard Remedies. It is cruelty free and 100% vegetarian, with a long list of vegan products. Essential oils are a Christmas gift that nearly everyone loves.  

Gift Idea #6: Vegan Perfume

It's hard to find a good fragrance. That's even harder when you take vegan and cruelty-free into account. If you’re looking for a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to a popular fragrance or aftershave, you’ll probably find it on BAE’s and Eden Perfumes’ website. They offer an impressive range of elegant vegan and cruelty free perfume. Simply search for the fragrance you’re looking for and they’ll match it with their vegan version! Your loved one can wear it without any worries as to where it came from.

Photo Credit to BAE

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