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Plant-based Vs. Vegan: Differences and Health Benefits

Plant-based Vs. Vegan: Differences and Health Benefits

Today, we see people are gradually becoming more responsive to their surroundings and health. One thing that is noticeably changed over time is the conscious food choices that people are making to attain a healthier lifestyle. They are acquainted with the impact it will have on the environment and feels responsible for it. Consequently, this thought process has led to a rise in the popularity of a plant-based diet for quite some time now.

Some people find it difficult to differentiate between plant-based and vegan diets. For those of you, we have discussed, compared, and elaborated on these two diets with their health and environmental benefits. Hence, this will help eradicate any confusion and opt for better alternatives.


Difference between plant-based and vegan outlook



1. It focuses on diet and health.

2. It is an approach toward adopting nutritious food substitutes for a healthier life.

3. People with plant-based diets may include animal-derived products.

4. It does not necessarily discourage the use of animal products for food or other living aspects.


1. It focuses on diet and the environment.

2. It is a practice that is not limited to diet only but extends to other lifestyle factors, which is referred to as veganism.

3. Veganism is strictly against the exploitation of animals to fulfill human requirements such as clothing, shoes, self-care products, household goods, and even medicines that involve the use of animal by-products and animal testing.

4. Vegans are completely against the use of animals and their by-products.

5. Vegans encourage the practicable use of animal-free products and their alternatives.



Types of Plant-based diet

  1. Vegan

It does not include any meat, fish, seafood, eggs, poultry, and dairy.

  1. Raw vegan

People who consume uncooked plant foods or cooked at low temperatures heat are known as raw vegans. 

  1. Pegan

Most of pegan’s diet consists of plant foods and the nominal part from the animal products.

  1. Vegetarian

They only avoid food that involves animal killing, hence consuming honey, eggs, and dairy along with a plant-based diet.

  1. Pescatarian

They are vegetarians that exclude all meat besides fish.

  1. Flexitarian

They are semi-vegetarians that occasionally include meat, poultry, fish, and seafood in their diet.

  1. Ovo-vegetarian

Consume eggs other than plant foods.

  1. Lacto-vegetarian

Consume dairy other than plant foods.


Health benefits

The intention behind adherence to a plant-based diet is primarily to achieve the health benefits associated with it. Similarly, a vegan diet offers food that is filled with various nutritive properties such as minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc. These foods act as immunity boosters and protect against

  • Heart ailments
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Mental illnesses
  • Digestive problems

These diets work wonderfully in reducing weight. However, eating mindfully is important. The use of processed foods is gaining momentum day by day. These foods sometimes contain more sugar and salts than whole foods. So lesser intake of these foods is necessary. Moreover, eating a well-balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients is preferable to meet your nutritional needs properly.   


Environmental benefits

 Eating diets with fewer animal foods and calories helps in

  • Lowering carbon footprint which aids in reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • Controlling water and land pollution
  • Saving ecological communities
  • Preserving earth’s biodiversity




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