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How to Stay Healthy During Chinese New Year

How to Stay Healthy During Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is always a fun-filled time with our loved ones and food. With the endless gatherings and tempting food, it is easy for us to chill out and indulge in whatever is presented to us. Who does not love sitting on their couch all day with our Chinese New Year cookies and snacks and gathering with our family and friends? As tempting as that sounds, it is imperative to prioritize personal health care and stay active.

We believe that good health is not a luxury, but a basic necessity. In these trying times of COVID-19, not everybody can afford a built-in gym at home. This is where awareness regarding adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle without a gym comes in. By looking after yourself and staying healthy, you will not just be preventing various diseases that are a consequence of decreased immunity, but also decrease the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Here are a few fitness tips that you can abide by at home and live a healthy life.


1. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

You probably hear about this a lot, and we cannot stress this enough; get at least an 8-hour sleep to stay fit. According to statistics, around 70% of Americans have reported facing sleep problems at least once a month. With the usual statistics coupled with heightened anxiety during the pandemic, getting a good night's sleep may seem impossible.

Since the human body has its internal clock, it is imperative to sleep with consistency. Fix a time for your bedtime and make sure you wind down other activities a half-hour prior, at minimum. You may make use of external sources to aid your good night's sleep, such as by making use of calming audios or appropriate lighting in your room.


2. Consume a Well-Balanced Diet

By consuming healthy, unprocessed food items, you may avoid the risks of developing a heart disease. Increase the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to stay fit. You may stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables in your freezer to preserve the freshness and nutrients.

Increasing your fiber and reducing your salt consumption positively affects your health, resultantly decreasing the risks of heart disease and colon cancer. You may try incorporating turmeric in your diets such as in breakfast smoothies, curries, and soups. The antioxidants found in this root lower the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, and cancer.

It may seem impossible to have a regular intake of vitamins and minerals in your diet on a routine basis. We suggest taking dietary supplements after reference with your doctor. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, and most importantly, eat earlier in the evening so your body has ample time to digest your food properly.

Moreover, remember to wash your hands regularly, especially before consuming any type of food.


3. Drink More Water

A healthy daily intake of water includes approximately six to ten glasses of water. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your skin fresh and ward off untimely cravings, but also helps you stay active. If you tend to get bored by drinking regular water every day, try incorporating flavor into it. Cut up a few strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, or any fruit of your choice, and add the wedges to your water bottle.

You could also drink your favourite type of coffee or tea once or twice a day. According to multiple types of research, caffeinated drinks are packed with antioxidants and tend to reduce the risks of developing Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease in old age. However, if you suffer from a health condition that you feel may be aggravated by your caffeine consumption, visit your doctor and ask them for advice.


4. Practice Yoga or Meditation

Often practice Yoga in the morning before breakfast, yoga helps set you up for the day and stay active throughout. Yoga is a great way to calm your mind as well as a daily basic home workout. According to yoga and fitness instructors, it is only helpful when done daily, even if for just 10 to 20 minutes. The point of yoga is to get some alone time with yourself and focus on your mind and body.

A moderate yet substantial amount of evidence claims that mindful meditation improves mental health and symptoms of anxiety. It increases emotional balance and increases creativity. By meditating every day for a minimum of 10 minutes, you would see results of improved physical health. Some researchers found evidence of the release of chemicals that improve the immune system in long-term meditators. These chemicals boost immune functions, decrease cellular inflammation, and regulate hormonal release in the body.


5. Do Not Forget to Exercise

You should try to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity home workouts each week. Regular exercise although seems challenging, it bears fruit in the short and long run. You may use YouTube or any other social media channel to lookup an exercising routine at home and follow it diligently. Early morning exercise has proved to improve one’s mood and boost the immune system.

Include your house chores in the home workout category. Sweeping and cleaning have proven to burn up to 200 calories in an hour. Doing chores that require you to get into a squat position is also of great importance; just make sure you regularly bend your knees while keeping your back straight. If you are unable to get out of the house for a brisk walk or bike ride, you can simply walk around the house to fire up your metabolism and regulate blood sugar. In case you have a double-story house, you can walk up and down the stairs at a pace that suits you best, just to get the blood flowing and to stay active.



6. Be More Social

Being more social is associated with good physical and mental health. Engaging with other people in person or online is considered a form of self-care and has proved to make people happier and less stressed. You may find plenty of Facebook groups for your age group, where you can make friends and discuss fitness tips with them. Socialization keeps you healthy by sharpening your memory and cognitive skills, making you more self-aware, and a lot happier.


7. Think Positive

Positive thinking may increase your life span, improve your cardiovascular health, and hence, lower your risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. It is obvious that positive thinking does not come naturally and that there will always be negative thoughts holding you back. However, if you tend to focus more on the good things, spend time with people who radiate positive energy, practice gratitude, and keep a personal gratitude journal, your journey to optimism would get a little easier.

Another means of staying positive is by limiting your exposure to the news. While you may make sure not to miss anything important, it is unnecessary to watch the news all day. News from all over the world tends to stress people out and a healthy mind warrants a stress-free.



Overall, physical activity, improved sleep schedule, and a well-balanced diet are bound to keep you fit and healthy. While many people neglect their mental health, one must realize that their mental health drastically affects their physical health. This is where home workouts, yoga, meditation, and frequent socialization come into play and are seen to bear fruits. With our above-mentioned fitness tips, we hope we can help you in your efforts to stay active at home.

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