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How to Stay Full and Satisfied on a Vegan Diet

How to Stay Full and Satisfied on a Vegan Diet

Nowadays, vegan diets have become immensely popular among people for all the right reasons. More people have decided to switch to vegan diets for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. When done right, a vegan diet may offer you many health benefits, including a slimmer waistline, glowing skin, and improved blood sugar control.

However, new vegans often find their stomachs growling all the time. Many people turn to tasty vegan meat substitutes to keep their bellies full, but most of these food options are loaded with calories, sodium, and sugar. Therefore, they will cause more damage than good to your body.

If you also feel hungry all the time, it does not mean that vegan food is not right for your body type. It is just that you need to add more nutritious vegan foods to your diet to keep you fully satisfied all day long.


Expert tips for feeling full on a plant-based food

Being hungry all the time on a vegan diet is quite frustrating. However, with these simple vegan tips, you will start feeling full and energised enough to complete all your routine tasks without any difficulty.

1. Increase portions

Since non-vegan products contain complex proteins and fat molecules, they take two days to digest fully. However, vegetables and fruits take less than a day to digest. It is one of the main reasons why vegan people keep feeling hungry.

Therefore, when you switch to a vegan diet, you must eat more food multiple times a day to keep your body active and energetic throughout the day. You can do so by having a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as carrying healthy snacks with you for frequent hunger pangs.

 Keep dry fruits or roasted chickpeas with you in your handbag or purse for the times you start feeling hungry.

2. Eat enough fiber and fats

If you want to keep your stomach full all day long, you must eat foods rich in fats and fibers as they will take more time to digest. Avocado, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and different types of nuts can be eaten to ensure you longer have to listen to your stomach growling sounds.

Therefore, while planning your meals for the day, add healthy fats and fibres to all your meals and snacks.


3. Drink more water

Are you hungry or just thirsty? New vegans often confuse their thirst with hunger and jump straight for the food. Therefore, the good approach is to drink a glass full of water, wait for at least five minutes and reassess if you were truly hungry or not.

Moreover, staying hydrated is also a key to feeling full all day long. For some reason, the water bubbles will help trick your mind into feeling full.



Vegan diets can move you towards a healthy lifestyle if planned and implemented correctly. However, vegan people often struggle with feeling hungry all the time. It happens because they are not planning their meals correctly.

These expert vegan tips will help you keep your stomach full while still consuming healthy vegan food. If you are on a vegan diet or planning to go vegan, visit the Japan Vegan store to shop for organic vegan products and learn about mouthwatering vegan recipes.


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