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Everything You Need To Know About Germinated Brown Rice

Everything You Need To Know About Germinated Brown Rice

Rice is a staple dish in most Asian households. Of late, brown rice has been gaining traction, being cited as the go-to “healthy” meal for high fibre content. However, very few know of germinated brown rice or sprouted brown rice.

In fact, it's much healthier than traditional brown rice. It has a softer texture due to sugar and protein breakdown that occurs during the budding process. Unlike regular brown rice, it’s soaked for hours before being soaked, which increases its nutritional content. This results in a product that is gluten-free and has a much higher density of nutrients.

In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the benefits of germinated brown rice and some healthy options you should look into.

The history of germinated brown rice:

Commonly used in Japanese and Korean cuisine, germinated brown rice is produced by being soaked for 4-20 hours in warm 30–40-degree Celsius water, with the water being changed when an odour develops. This process causes germination to occur, which activates other enzymes in the rice, making it more nutritious than traditional forms of brown rice. 


The benefits of germinated brown rice:

  • Regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol. High levels of fibre can remove excess cholesterol and reduce hypertension, reducing other complications in future. In addition to this, it contains high amounts of gamma oryzanol, which is an antioxidant that keeps cells healthy and reduces cholesterol levels. This is due to the higher amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) than regular brown rice.
  • Reduces stress, improves focus and overall alertness. The high GABA content helps the brain manage impulses, enabling you to regulate your sleep and mood better. Germinated brown rice also contains natural compounds that block angiotensin II, a chemical your body naturally produces which can elevate blood pressure. In some cases, the effect can be similar to how blood pressure medicines react with the body. 
  • Treats type 1 diabetes. Acylated Steryl Glucosides (ASG), a chemical within germinated brown rice, has successfully worked against dysfunctional enzymes to help maintain blood sugar levels in diabetics. It helps regulate the release of glucose and insulin into the body. 


How does it compare to regular brown rice or white rice?

When compared to regular brown rice, sprouted brown rice is sweeter and less chewy

It’s been said that the soaking process is the main reason why germinated brown rice contains four times more fibre and Vitamin E than white rice and up to three times more Vitamin B-1, vitamin B06 and magnesium.


When compared to white rice, it’s better in almost every aspect. Germinated brown rice contains higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and amino acids. This doesn't include the numerous psychological benefits it has, like reducing the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


If you’re looking for affordable sources of germinated brown rice, we recommend the following:

  • Germinated Brown Rice Risotto. Restaurant-quality meals, without the restaurant. This organically active germinated brown rice has been cookies with soy milk as a base, with three different types of mushrooms and seasoned vegetable bouillon. You can eat it straight out of the packet or heat it up. To learn more, visit https://sg.japanvegantown.com/collections/rice-porridge/products/germinated-brown-rice-risotto-soy-milk-mushroom-180g-ready-to-eat.

  • Germinated Brown Rice With Japanese Plum. Who said brown rice had to be boring? The porridge is made with organic Sannebanch, grated ginger and Neri plum. You can eat it straight out of the packet or warm it up in a microwave if you have the time. To learn more, visit https://sg.japanvegantown.com/collections/rice-porridge/products/organic-japanese-green-tea-porridge-germinated-brown-rice-with-japanese-plum-200g-ready-to-eat.

  • Germinated Brown Rice Ball. It contains shiso leaf, which provides a unique scent of cinnamon and cloves. In the mouth, it feels plump and chewy but retains the signature umami flavour of the shiso. Like the other food options in this list, you can eat it as it is or warm it up for an even better taste. To learn more, visit https://sg.japanvegantown.com/collections/rice-porridge/products/organic-germinated-brown-rice-ball-onigiri-shiso-perrilla-90g-x-2-ready-to-eat.

  • ***All the options stated in this list are Non-GMO, non-MSG, contain no refined sugars and are made locally in Japan.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. For more related articles, visit https://sg.japanvegantown.com/blogs/the-vegan-blog-by-japan-vegan-town.

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