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6 Water-Rich Foods to Keep You Hydrated

6 Water-Rich Foods to Keep You Hydrated

Your body needs water to survive. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, which can cause tiredness, muscle cramping, confusion, rapid heart rate, and poor kidney function. However, severe cases can result in serious complications such as low blood pressure, no-urine production, weak pulse, shock, and organ failure.

Water provides the essential hydration that your body requires to function properly. Making water your drink of choice is important, but besides drinking, you can also fulfil your daily fluid needs with various plant-based foods (mainly fruits and vegetables) that are high in water content. Water regulates your body temperature, guards against infections, keeps your joints lubricated, makes skin look younger, and improves your mood, sleep quality and cognition. Thus, including the following water-rich foods in your regular vegan diet will keep you healthy and well-hydrated.


  1. Watermelon ( Water content: 92%)

Watermelon is filled with many nutritional elements. It is high in water content, making it a popular and healthy food consumed in summer. 154gm serving of watermelon contains about 118ml of water. It is a low-calorie food with many vital nutrients such as vitamin A, C and magnesium.

You can have a fresh watermelon juice, add to salads or take it as a snack.


  1. Cucumber  ( Water content: 96%)

Cucumber contains the highest amount of water among fruits and vegetables. It is a good source of potassium and fibre. It also includes magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in minimal amounts. According to some evidence, cucumbers are rich in a nutrient called cucurbitacins. This special food compound has antidiabetic and anti-cancer effects.

You can eat cucumber along with its peel. Adding its slices into the salad is a common way to have it.


  1. Vegetable-based soups  ( Water content: 92%)

Vegetable-based soups are a great way of adding to your fluids as they mostly consist of water. They are loaded with high nutrition and low calories. Soups are an effective way of losing weight, especially when taken before meals. You can get plenty of vitamins and minerals by adding a variety of vegetables to your soup, such as carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, and onions, making it healthy, delicious and filling.


  1. Soy milk  ( Water content: 93.81%)

Soy milk is a plant-based drink, good for hydration. It is prepared by soaking and grating soybeans, boiling the mixture and separating the particulates. It is one of the best water-rich foods for vegans apart from the fruits and vegetables food group. You will get many added nutrients in soy milk’s commercial brands like calcium, vitamin B and D.


  1. Celery  ( Water content: 95%)

It contains water in amazingly high amounts. One cup of celery consists of 115g of water. It is a low-calorie vegetable, beneficial for weight loss. Moreover, it contains fibre and some essential nutrients such as potassium and vitamin K, preventing certain cancers and heart and bone-related problems.

You can drink celery juice or add them to salads and soups. It is eatable raw or cooked.


  1. Peaches  ( Water content: 85%)

This healthy food can keep your body hydrated and provide you with health benefits of vitamin A and C. In addition, it has the potential to protect you from diseases related to heart, obesity and diabetes. Peaches are great immunity boosters too.

You can easily incorporate this tasty fruit into cold or warm dishes. They are eaten raw, grilled, baked or sautéed.

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