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5 Tips For Eating Healthy While Working From Home

5 Tips For Eating Healthy While Working From Home

Minister of Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong has announced on June 10, working from home will remain as the default arrangement over the coming weeks. Employers should continue to ensure flexibility in their employee’s work arrangements as Singapore emerges from this period of heightened alert.

Working from home may have turned your life upside down, but the good news is that there are ways to eat healthier compared to when you are at the office. We list down the 5 Tips For Eating Healthy While Working From Home:

1. Plan Your Meal Schedule

Make a meal schedule that is concurrent with your work schedule. Plan a meal schedule helps you stay focused and avoid distractions at work, by consuming your meals on a regular schedule can keep your digestive system in top shape as well.

2. Meal Prep Your Lunches 

“Meal prep” is an effective way to prepare food ingredients and portions in advance. You can do it during the weekend or before your work week starts, therefore you can save valuable time in cooking. You can refer to our vegan recipes that share about how to cook faster and easy for your daily meals.

If you have no time to prepare a meal during the day, a healthier ready-to-eat food will be your best choice. Japan Vegan Town provides a variety of 100% made in Japan tasty vegan food like Chinese Style Mixed Vegetables and Deep Fried Tofu with Plant-based Minced Meat Thick Sauce. Simply warm it for about 5 minutes, then you can enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch.

3. Drink Plenty of Water to Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Hydration keeps your metabolism working well. Set up a water bank near your work desk and make sure it is within your reach or make use of your mobile phone alarm to remind you to drink water every hour. 

4. Stop Eating Junk Food as Snacks

Snacks and junk food are so addictive, but it often contains some unhealthy ingredients. Try to replace junk food with a gluten-free, dairy-free Organic Cereal Bar, it is a delicious and healthy snack that you can get nourishment without having to put up with it when you are hungry.

5. Avoid Overeating

Having convenient access to the kitchen and fridge often leads to overeating and unhealthy weight gain. But if you can stick to your meal schedule and practice meal prep, they could definitely help you avoid overeating.

However, if you really crave a snack, instead of junk food you can opt for healthier options, for instance Japan Vegan Town’s Rice Flour Cookies. It uses rice flour from Ishikawa, which does not use wheat, and there are no eggs or dairy products added.

Obviously, working from home comes with many new challenges and consistently eating right is just one of them. But you can learn how to deal with it. In fact, you have to if you want to live a healthy life when working from home.

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